8 Common Symptoms of Hard Drive Failure

A good hard drive has a lifetime of around 3-5 years. However, when the little package of wires, glass, and chips dies, it is your time to panic. Thankfully, these hard drives show warning signs that you need to watch out for so that you can back up your files and prepare for a disaster.

1. Cryptic error messages

When performing ordinary activities on your computer and you start getting one error message after another, it is time to back up your hard drive.

2. Long waits before you can access files

You may find that you have to wait for long before the drive can open requested files or folders. Back up your data immediately to avoid losing it in case your hard disk fails.

3. Frequent crashes especially when booting up Windows

Crashes are a sign of logical failure, which may arise due to human error or malware infection (LC Technology, 2017). If you start to encounter them, it is time to back up your data.

4. Strange noise from the drive

When you start to hear that click emanating from the drive, it is an indication that parts of the hardware are failing.

5. Corrupted data

If you start finding that files you saved without an error are corrupted, you should be worried. Of course, this could be due to several issues, but it is another sign that your hard drive is failing.

6. Frequent freezes, slowing down computer and the blue death screen

These are symptoms that can arise due to a few things. Nevertheless, we recommend that you backup you drive immediately.

7. Hard disk grinding away due to the noisy bearings

Your hard drive may start to hum due to the strange clicking noises in your hardware. Grinding may result from several factors, but you better back up your files to be safe.

8. Disappearing files and scrambled and changed files and folders names

Data can be lost due to a mechanical problem. However, when strange noises follow, they are warning you that it is time to back up your drive.

If you encounter these signs, turn off your computer immediately as continued use will only damage the drive’s storage area, making the data irrecoverable. Take your PC to a local and reputable computer repair shop and have it checked. If your hard disk is already damaged, you need not panic. Your local PC Repair company can provide you with the hard drive recovery service you need to help get back the recoverable data.