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Computer Experts

PCS was founded and run by experts with over 30 years of computer related experience.

IT Resource

We are a full service IT Company that can successfully handle any IT task, big or small.

Problem Solvers

We work very hard to find the answers to your computer problems, as efficiently as possible.

Customer Support

We believe that putting the customer first and always being accountable is how you gain trust and loyalty.

Our Story

During 15 years of entrepreneurial experience, Phil Taylor founded Professional Computer Services, Inc.  With a big business perspective and a focus on details, Phil created all of the policy, procedures and systems for the fledgling business.

Prior to starting. he had accumulated 25 years of Fortune 500 IT experience at Levi Strauss & CO. While there he reinvented the legacy mainframe system for the North American Division providing key desktop systems for the re-engineering of the entire corporation and the introduction to the Demand Forecasting Department.

Serving the public in computer repair and sales of computer systems, he also provides outside services to private homes and businesses ranging from a few computers to dozens.


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The Professional Computer Services Team

Phil Taylor

Phil Taylor

Founder & President

25 years of Fortune 500 IT experience, 15 years of entrepreneurial computer service experience and the Founder and President of Professional Computer Services, Inc.

Jason Taylor

Jason Taylor

Director of Operations

Jason brings insight with a millennial perspective and is a genius in problem solving.  He has a magnetic personality and quickly gains the confidence of his customers.

Roberto Correa

Roberto Correa

Company Role

Roberto is most noticed for his jovial sense of humor. He is extremely competent with a depth of technical expertise and close attention to the details.