Why Choose PCS?

Professional Computer Services is a leading provider of computer solutions and repairs in the Roseville area. We can solve any of your computer needs.

Why Choose PCS

We can solve any of your computer needs.
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Who and Why We Help

We believe that locally owned and operated is better than globally branded. We believe in accountability for our actions. When you do business with PCS you are getting responsible service.

There are too many companies selling one shot deals by the millions. These companies are processing the masses through their marketing machine and spitting them out on the other side while extracting their money. If you experience a problem, good luck getting in touch with someone who cares? There is no way to service millions of Internet customers with accountability.

We believe in establishing a territory that we can reach with a personal touch.

Our reputation means something when this is true, not just a slogan. When you do business with PCS you are supporting the local economy. We live here and we hire people from here. We look forward to our customer encounters and strive to build long lasting relationships. We want your repeat business. That means we need to do good job. We know we cannot make everybody happy but that is our goal.

We Help Individuals

With a small fleet of trucks, we offer quick service with friendly technicians that respect your property. We take great care to preserve the investment you have made in your computer and we understand the home dependency on the computer and the Internet.

We Help Small Businesses

If you are unable to afford a full time I.T. staff or your staff is temporarily overloaded, let us be your outsourced technical professionals with many service plans to choose from. Programming and automated solutions are a value we provide.

Incredible Support!

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In Store

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Professional Computer Services

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In Home

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We Help Large Businesses With Their IT Needs

Even if your business is large enough to have many computers on a private network or you have multiple locations, we have over thirty years of experience in servicing the hardware and software needs of small and medium size businesses. Consider paying for only what you need with our per computer fixed maintenance program.

For a little as $50 per month per computer we can put your business on a worry free warranty with onsite local computer repair service. This is even more affordable when we provide shop repair vs onsite service.