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Computer Systems

We offer everything from retail computers to refurbished computers to beefed up gaming computers. Whether you need a lower-end office PC or a Gaming Rig, we can create a computer for you!

Computer Systems

We offer everything from retail computers to refurbished computers to beefed up gaming computers.

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Computer Systems for Sale

Yes we have computers for sale. We build a majority of our computers from scratch using the exact components needed to create whatever is necessary for YOUR needs. Not only do we sell made-from-scratch computers, but we can also update one that you already have!

If your computer is running slow due to a newer OS or software we can upgrade the parts necessary to speed it up.

When you are looking to buy a new computer, we work with you to get the system you need for the best possible price.

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Custom Computer Systems

Professional Computer Services has both pre-built and custom built computers for sale. All of the custom computer systems we sell have a robust 2 year warranty on all parts, and a one year warranty on labor. Unlike other retail operations, your warranty is with PCS. During the warranty period, you can consider PCS to be the manufacturer of all hardware in your system.

We actually build the custom systems we sell from the individual components that make up your system. For this reason, we can mix and match equipment to meet your exact specifications. Our systems can be either Intel or AMD platform and can be configured with any motherboard to meet even the most demanding requirements. While our standard system is adequate for most our systems range in price for $750 to $4500.

Gaming Computer Systems

Power user? You know who you are. You want the most your computer can possibly give you. We see all kinds of requests to make computers run faster or to build the fastest computer. We can do both.

We customize your system to meet your requirements. Their is no single answer to making a system run faster. Consider your computer to be a series of hour glasses. The most important one is the motherboard. The front bus speed, the width of the data channel (32bit or 64bit) are just a few of the considerations. The amount of RAM is a potential bottleneck. The speed of the hard drive, the size and speed of the processor, or even the video card can make a difference.

Refurbished Computer Systems

If you are ready for a new system, but don’t like the cost of a brand-new machine, we sell refurbished computers. Technology requirements are constantly evolving, so choosing refurbished desktop computers can be an easy way to get the power and performance that you need.

We also offer a limited warranty with these rebuilt machines, so you aren’t without support.

Refurbished Apple Computers

Looking for a Mac? We are the best reseller of refurbished Apple computers in the area. Check out our deeply discounted prices from MSRP. You may not need a new one because we often can optimize or upgrade the one you have. Most of our PC services also apply to Macs.

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