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Computer Repair Services Roseville

Professional Computer Services specializes in both computers and software. We are proud of our 45 years of computer tech support experience. We also specialize in communications and networking. From computer backup and recovery to computer construction, we have your best interests in mind.

Professional Computer Services specializes in computers, software, networking and custom computer systems.

Professional Computer Repair Services Roseville

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Computer Repair Roseville

Have you been noticing strange pop-ups or programs on your computer? You may have had malicious software injected into your computer from something as seemingly harmless as an E-mail or website.

Computer Tune-ups

We offer complete software repair and virus removal for PC’s as well as Mac’s!

We take pride in our ability to fix or replace virtually any part on a computer. Whether it be motherboard repair or hard drive cloning/replacement, we know whats best for your system individually. We will quickly and efficiently identify and fix any apparent problem on your system. Due to the variety of possible issues, prices may vary.

Managed IT Services

Professional Computer Services provides networking services and support throughout the greater Sacramento region

Let us Help you get connected to the “Cloud” with all of your mobile devices and your home computers. Access your data that is stored on the cloud from all of your devices, from anywhere. No more worries about duplicate copies, losing important documents, or not having access to data when you are on the go.

Data Recovery Services

We can perform data recovery on virtually any kind of storage device including hard disk drives (HDDs), solid-state drives (SSDs), smartphones, tablets, USB flash drives, camera cards and enterprise-level devices like RAIDs.

Professional Computer Services provides onsite data recovery services to the greater Sacramento region, including Roseville, Ca

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Professional Computer Services provides both online and phone support - call us 916-791-7076

Phone & Online

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Professional Computer Services provides in store support and sales at 1120 Douglas Blvd. Suite E, Roseville, Ca 95678

In Store

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Professional Computer Services

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Professional Computer Services provides in home or at the office support - give us a call 916-791-7076

In Home

We will come to you and fix your problems

Simply give us a call or submit a support request.

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Professional Computer Services is a proud member of the Roseville Chamber of Commerce

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Check out some of our additional services.

Professional Computer Services provides managed IT services to the greater Sacramento region

Managed IT Services

Professional Computer Services is a fully equipped IT resource that provides Managed IT services to businesses ranging from a few computers to dozens.

Professional Computer Services offers software repair and virus removal throughout the greater Sacramento region.

Malware Removal

Have you been noticing strange pop-ups or programs on your computer? We offer complete software repair and virus removal for PC’s as well as Mac’s!

Professional Computer Services offers smartphone screen repair services

Phone Repair

We offer quick, comprehensive and easy screen repairs for all iPhones and iPads (Some androids apply) and you’ll have a crack-free screen in no time!

Listen to some of our customers…

Do yourself a favor, don’t use any other service except Professional Computer Services. They have fixed everything for my business from cracked iphone’s and ipad’s to complete system crashes and viruses that took over every aspect of my business. Most importantly they have saved me so much money and their friendly and fast service puts them miles above anyone.

Jael and Leo Torrez

If your computer is broken: before running out to the store and buying a new one, save yourself time & money and call PCS!! They can fix anything, laptops, desktops, iPhones, they even repaired my brother’s broken computer monitor! I highly recommend PCS when it comes to ANYTHING technology related that isn’t working as it should be.

Nick Nordby

Need a New Computer System?

We offer all types of computers to fit your needs and budget.

Professional Computer Services sells custom computer systems

Custom Computers

We actually build the custom systems we sell from the individual components that make up your system. For this reason, we can mix and match equipment to meet your exact specifications. Call us to find out more.

Professional Computer Services sells gaming computer systems

Gaming Computers

Power user? You know who you are. You want the most your computer can possibly give you. We see all kinds of requests to make computers run faster or to build the fastest computer. We can do both.

Professional Computer Services sells refurbished computer systems

Refurbished PCs

If you are ready for a new system, but don’t like the cost of a brand-new machine, we sell refurbished computers. We also offer a limited warranty with these rebuilt machines, so you aren’t without support.

Professional Computer Services sells refurbished MAC computers

Refurbished Macs

We are the best reseller of refurbished Apple computers in the area. Check out our deeply discounted prices from MSRP. You may not need a new one because we often can optimize or upgrade the one you have.

Why Choose Professional Computer Services?

Your Local Computer Repair Shop in Roseville

Two owned and operated retail computer shops serving the public in computer repair and sales of computer systems. Also provides outside services to private homes and businesses ranging from a few computers to dozens.

A fully equipped IT resource.

Here at PCS, we are not only able to help the curve by still carrying Windows 7, but also offering training courses that cover almost any topic in Windows. Whether its 1-on-1 you prefer or, if you like group, lecture-style presentations, we offer 1 hour, 3 hour, or full-day 6 hour sessions.

Professional Computer Services is located in Roseville, Ca